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tankless water heater installation

To get a tankless water heater or to stay with a hot water tank? You don’t have to wait until the old tank bursts. There are many reasons to go with (on-demand) tankless hot water right now.

Lately, tankless water heaters have been winning over hot water tanks in Toronto, and for many good reasons.

  • Energy Efficiency. Rinnai tankless water has an efficiency of 95% compared to around 50% for conventional models. That’s almost no energy wasted by a tankless water heater against half of the heat wasted by a tank.
  • Endless Hot Water. Tankless models have other names, like Hot Water on Demand and Continuous Water Heater. This Rinnai tankless model provides 3 simultaneous showers for as long as hot water taps are open.
  • Safe To Use. Hot water comes out of a tankless water heater at 120F temperature. You can set it even lower. It prevents accidental scolding, esp. kids.
  • Reliable Operations. Rinnai is the most reliable tankless water heater. This is from our own experience. As a heating contractor, we’ve been installing Rinnai units since 2003 and hardly ever had a callback.
  • Space saving. This can be huge considering that real estate prices these days are close to $1000/sq. ft. The slender shape of tankless water heaters enables placement in tight spots, effectively unlocking floor area for more functional use.
  • No Standby Losses. Since this is an On-Demand type of water heater, it does not store hot water inside between uses. Hence, no stand-by heat loss.

With the numerous advantages offered by (on-demand) tankless water heaters, finding a compelling reason to stick with traditional hot water tanks becomes challenging. Lower initial cost comes to mind. But the difference is constantly dwindling since the cost of tanks doubled in the last few years. At the same time, tankless water costs remained stable.

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