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Best Furnace Filter - Best Air Purifier

Choice of a furnace filter or an air purifier is more important than the choice of the furnace itself. A good (5 inch wide) furnace air filter has large surface that can catch a lot of dust without restricting the airflow. Bad furnace air filter (1 inch wide) can ruin the best furnace and the air conditioner. With a good furnace filter even entry level furnaces will last and last.

  • 5 inch furnace filter
  • Is inexpensive
  • Needs to be replaced only once a year
  • Allows the fan to run at a lower speed
  • Reduces hydro cost
  • Reduces the fan motor wear and tear
  • Reduces noise

Benefits of a Good Furnace Filter

5 inch wide furnace filter will pay for itself in no time by reducing resistance to air flow. You will

  • save on hydro
  • improve air circulation especially in remote rooms
  • reduce blower motor's ware and tare
  • reduce sound level
5 inch furnace filter
5 inch Furnace Filter Is the Best Furnace Air Filter
1 inch furnace filter
Avoid 1 inch Furnace Filters

Lennox PureAir

furnace air purifier

In some situations, like allergies, homeowners install air purifiers (furnace filters) using advanced features. The success depends on the source of allergies. For example, if the source is a cat, no filter will help.

Lennox PureAir – air purification system has an exclusive UVA-light technology to destroy all three classes of particles:

  • Mold and Mildew
  • Odors and chemical vapours
  • Bacteria

Purifies the air in the house better than any other single system you can buy. PureAir, unlike other Electronic Air Cleaners, does not only create ozone but also destroys ozone gas (O3).

PureAir™ is a whole-home solution that means cleaner air in every room.

Hepa Air Purifier for Home

In some homes, filter HEPA type was used in the past before 5 inch filters came to the market. As you can see from the picture, the HEPA air filter diverts only a part of the air flow, usually 1/4. Only that part of the air flow goes through the hepa air purifier and gets cleaned.

These days we have 5 inch furnace air filter that does exactly the same job as HEPA furnace filter but for the entire air flow, not just 1/4 of it. Also, it eliminates a restrictive 1 inch filter. All this makes use of HEPA air purifier for home obsolete.

Once again, for anything that HEPA furnace filter is trying to do for a part of air we have a whole house furnace filter that does the same for the entire air flow.

HEPA Air Purifier for Home
Hepa Air Purifier for Home

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Sky Flyer
Sky Flyer
a month ago
Fantastic good old fashion reliable service. Furnace stopped working, gave them a call, Boris gave me some tips on how to get in working through the night. That was amazing. First thing in the morning the technician Ramin was here on time with the part. Furnace is running like new. And we are nice and warm today with -10 degrees weather outside.
Elizabeth Elliot
Elizabeth Elliot
4 months ago
Cozy World installed my furnace and air conditioner several years ago. Their work was efficient, tidy, and their people very friendly and respectful. They have come back for yearly maintenance ever since. Their service is always excellent and their prices reasonable.
Bill Welch
Bill Welch
8 months ago
I was on the hunt for a cold climate heat pump system to replace our 20 year old Carrier system. Based on all the great reviews on Google and Homestars, I picked Cozy World (after receiving 2 other quotes from other companies). Boris was extremely knowledgable and responsive providing a great quote for a Lennox Signature heat pump/furnace system. No matter how many questions I…
4 months ago
We were in search of an HVAC contractor for our heat pump installation in the east end of Toronto. After much research among Toronto heating and air conditioning contractors, based on things like the heat pump model, contractor reviews, pricing, and availability, we went with Cozy World Inc. for the job. No regrets. The crew arrived around 9:30 am, and completed the installation by 4…
Susan Thomas
Susan Thomas
4 months ago
Everything about our Cozy World experience has been fabulous, from the quotation to the installation. We were quoted on a conventional A/C as well as a Heat Pump and Mr. Sherman was great with explaining the pros and cons of both. We got a new Hi Efficiency furnace and a Heat Pump installed along with a new thermostat. The installation was done professionally and they…

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