Emergency AC Repair

No cooling from the air conditioner. You need emergency AC repair service. HVAC companies are busy. How to get air con fix faster?

Words like Emergency AC Repair Service may sound big. But the REPAIR SERVICE itself may take only a few minutes. It’s driving through the street traffic from job to jobs that take up most of the time. That’s why HVAC companies would rather schedule service calls close to each other.

To illustrate this, on the map an air conditioning technician is doing his no-cooling service calls. He’s on his route from one scheduled (purple) air con service to another. His HVAC company wouldn’t send him to a remote (red) location, but there is a good chance that they would pick up an emergency AC fix job. Or at an HVAC tech could troubleshoot the air conditioner at a nearby (green) location.

So, this is what you can do. When requesting an Emergency HVAC Service, provide your location, at least the main intersection. Just “I am in Etobicoke” doesn’t help much. Etobicoke is 15 km top-to-bottom.
It would help if you could also provide
# aircon age
# model or at least the make of the AC. To attach a photo would help.
# Description of the problem; what is the air conditioner doing or not doing. A few examples:
1. The outdoor unit (condenser) does not start
2. The compressor starts but the condenser fan doesn’t start
3. Air conditioner short cycles – runs a couple of minutes at a time
4. You can see frost on some parts of the air conditioner
5. Noisy blower motor
6. You can see water on the floor around the furnace/air handler
7. So on

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