Air Conditioning Service Signs


Air conditioners are typically very reliable units

Air conditioners are typically very reliable units. With regular AC maintenance, an aircon can keep your home comfortably cool for 10 to 20 years. On rare occasions when air con fix is required, it is vital to recognize early signs that the air conditioner service is needed. It’s time to call in an HVAC tech.

Pay attention to anything unusual in the air conditioner operation: sound, condensation, freezing, reduced cooling, etc.

  • Unusual sounds during cooling can be heard either inside the house from the furnace (air handler) or outside from the condenser. If it’s a whistling sound coming from the furnace, chances are the furnace filter is dirty. If the air filter replacement doesn’t fix the sound, call for AC service. Other types of sounds during air conditioning need an air conditioning technician to check them.
  • Freezing happens in the air conditioner in two cases.
    The first, and it happens most often, is the lack of airflow. It’s when otherwise healthy AC is deprived of airflow. By a dirty filter for example.
    The second cause of a freezing air conditioner is the refrigerant leak. These leaks are difficult and expensive to locate, if possible at all. Most of the time, to reduce aircon repair costs, you might be advised to rather put money toward installing a new AC.
    Frost always starts building up at the evaporator. Makes sense since that’s where cold is being generated after all. In the beginning, you can’t see the frost because the evaporator is hidden inside the plenum – ductwork right above the furnace. At this time you might notice water coming out of the furnace (air handler). Also, the airflow might be reduced.
    Then frost spreads outside. You can see it building up around the insulated copper line. Once you notice frost build up or condensate leaking from the furnace. it’s time to call in an HVAC company.
  • Condenser short cycling, especially on hot days, most of the time can be fixed by air conditioner maintenance.

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Air Conditioning Service Signs

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