Furnace Replacement in Toronto with New Furnace

Furnace replacement with new furnace cost less than endless old furnace repairs. New furnace with good furnace filter and annual furnace tune up will be heating home for many years trouble-free.

Old Furnace Replacement Options

Looking to replace furnace with a new furnace installation? Lennox provides several high efficiency gas furnace models for the local heating market. Let's see together what is the best furnace for you home and the budget. A successful furnace replacement starts with a thorough on-site furnace installation cost estimate.

Furnace replacement, when planned in advance, allows to thoroughly prepare the installation in all details. Furnace estimate properly done provides the best quality new furnace installation at a reasonable cost.

Other parts of the home HVAC system - like AC, humidifier, air purifier - all depends on the furnace installation done properly.

  • No new furnace cost surprises during installation. Your new furnace cost will be exactly as quoted during the estimate.
  • Furnace installation will be done right the first time
  • Furnace installer will be Lennox factory trained furnace technician
  • Our furnace technicians make sure that furnace operating properly before they leave.
  • Installed Lennox furnace will work as promised as per specs
  • We’ll provide furnace maintenance to ensure years of comfort
SLP99V Furnace


Variable Capacity Furnace

SLP99V is the best furnace on the market. Feature-by-feature this modulating furnace is the best high efficiency furnace available on the market. In some houses with special requirement this is the only furnace that can meet them.

  • The MOST EFFICIENT - up to 99%
  • Produces the most even heat distribution in the house
  • Runs at as low as 35% of capacity. Delivers the MOST EVEN HEAT throughout the house
  • This furnace installation requires 2-pipe vents
  • To use variable capacity feature (modulating furnace) SLP99V should be used with iComfort thermostat
  • When controlled be a regular electronic thermostat, SLP99V can run in 3-stage mode.
comparison heat pump system vs one stage vs two stage

SLP99V Modulating Furnace | Variable Capacity Furnace With Variable Speed Blower Motor

The best within the Signature line is the Modulating SLP99V furnace. It’s the best furnaces that you can buy. As you might expect from the name, this furnace has 99% efficiency. At 99% efficiency, the Signature furnace expels as exhaust only 1% of heat. And 99% of the heat resulting from gas combustion can be used for house heating.

Old furnaces often have efficiency around 80%, meaning that 20% of the energy is wasted and expelled. High efficiency models start at 90%, but none can match the 99% of the Lennox SLP99V. It doesn’t stop there, as there are a few other features you should know about.

The Variable Capacity feature, aka Modulating, makes heat distribution in the house the most even possible. Modulating keeps heating capacity and air moved by the blower as needed to keep home comfortable while saving energy. With the iComfort thermostat, you can keep the temperature exactly where you need it.

To sum up SLP99 provides/;

  • the most even heat coverage
  • the most quiet operations
  • does it all in the most efficient way
ML296V Furnace


Two-stage Furnace With Variale Speed Blower

EL296V is a two-stage furnace with variable speed DC blower motor.

  • Fully insulated cabinet
  • Efficiency - 97%
  • Variable speed DC blower motor is energy efficient
  • Saving energy both on gas and on electrical side.
  • Produces even heat distribution in the house
  • This furnace install does not mandate 2-pipe vents. That provides more flexibility during furnace installation

EL296V Two-stage Furnace is a Part of Elite Line

Two-stage operations provides for more even heat distribution than one-stage furnaces. Also, a low stage start of a 2-stage furnace is less noticeable for occupants compared with 1-stage furnace start on full blast. When the 2nd stage eventually comes on, the change in the sound level of the furnace almost unnoticeable for the occupants.

ML296V Furnace


Two-stage Variale Blower Speed Furnace

ML296V Brings advanced features on a budget. New furnace cost looks like a bargain considering that high efficiency furnaces these days live 20 years when maintained properly.

  • 96% efficiency
  • Variable speed blower motor is energy efficient
  • Saving energy both on gas and on electrical side.
  • This furnace install does not mandate 2-pipe vents. That provides more flexibility during furnace installation

Three Lennox Furnaces for Every House Heating Needs

As a Premier Lennox Dealer, we can help you to find the best Lennox furnace for your needs. Please, have a look through our reviews. Feel free to contact us and talk to us about your needs. Whatever you need, we’ll be sure to help. Whether your needs are basic or advanced, we’ll find and install the perfect furnace for you.

While all three furnaces are great, the Signature is the crown jewel and delivers the best efficiency with the most power. Within each line, you’ll find furnaces of varying size for small, medium, and large areas and environments. This ensures you receive reliable heating throughout the home regardless of temperature or weather condition. As a Premier Lennox Deal, we can help you discover and choose from the different Lennox furnaces to ensure you get the right one.

A furnace will last many years if treated right, so this is a purchase that will affect your life for years to come. You don’t want to choose the wrong one and get left in the cold or spending more money than you’d like on operating costs. We offer numerous Lennox reviews and even a comparison page so that you can get a snapshot of the different furnaces and how they stack up. We’re also here to answer any questions you have.

Whether you’re looking to heat your home on a budget or want the most efficient furnace possible, Lennox has the right models for your needs. We will also assist in the installation of all Lennox furnaces, so be sure to contact us if you have any questions or if you’re ready for installation and need a qualified crew to assist you.

Let’s go over the three major lines of Lennox furnaces so that you have a good idea of what they offer. We’ll start with the best series, the Signature line, and move down. While Signature is the best, keep in mind that all three are amazing and they can all serve your heating needs.

Toronto Furnace Replacement
Furnace Installation in Toronto

Common Lennox features include:

  • High-efficiency units ranging from 96% to 99% efficient based on your budget
  • Most models can variate how much power is being used to reduce power usage
  • Very quiet, ensuring you get consistent heat without loud noises
  • Heats the whole home without any cool spot

This is only a brief look into each Lennox line. For a more comprehensive opinion on each furnace, or if you have any questions, please contact us and discuss your needs. We will find the perfect furnace for your home based on your preferences, size, and other factors. We’re also here to help install the furnace once you’ve finalized your decision.

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John Tsui
John Tsui
3 weeks ago
Have used the maintenance service since the installation of the furnace and A/C from Cozy World for few years. Their service was punctual, excellence, courteous and honest as well as their service fee is reasonable. Highly recommend!!!!
Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang
3 months ago
Used this company twice. They installed a new AC unit for me last summer. Efficient and easy to work with. This past week, they did maintenance on my furnace as I noticed some performance issues and its a very old one. The gentlemen did a great job explaining the situation and what he did. Furnace now runs much better and noticeably saving gas. Definitely recommend…
Bill Welch
Bill Welch
11 months ago
I was on the hunt for a cold climate heat pump system to replace our 20 year old Carrier system. Based on all the great reviews on Google and Homestars, I picked Cozy World (after receiving 2 other quotes from other companies). Boris was extremely knowledgable and responsive providing a great quote for a Lennox Signature heat pump/furnace system. No matter how many questions I…
Esther Chen
Esther Chen
a month ago
Ramin was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He arrived on time, found the cause of our leaky furnace, and repaired it. We are very happy with Cozy World …We highly recommend Cozy World.
3 months ago
I've had my furnace and AC serviced and maintained by Cozy World for several years now and while the technicians are not the same year after year, the quality of the service, professionalism and knowledge base of Cozy World technicians have always been top-notch. Needless to say, CW also installed my furnace and AC seven years ago and I highly recommend them for both new…

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