Privacy Policy

Your peace of mind is of extreme importance to us. We treat your personal information with utmost respect. Here is the information about you that we keep and may share with others about you.

We Do Keep

  • Invoices with names, addresses, contacts, details of the equipment. We need it to provide for you warranty service.
  • Emails This information might be purged after a couple of years.
  • Copies of cheques Our accountants want us to keep them.

We DO NOT Keep

  • Credit or debit card information. All data is entered into the credit company’s terminal and transmitted to the credit company. We don’t make imprints, photos or other records of the cards’ information.
  • Loan applications You submit your information (SIN, driver’s licence, salaries, etc.) directly to financing companies. From the financing company we only get the end result – the amount of the loan approved by the financing company.

We Share Your Contact and Equipment Information With

  • Manufacturers To register for warranties and rebates. They may contact you for verification purposes and to get you opinion about their equipment and quality of our service
  • Incentive providers Like Hydro, Enbridge, etc.
  • Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) By law we must report all air conditioner installations for random inspection by ESA.

Search Information

We don’t get any information from site visitor’s browsers. We do get aggregated information from Google Analytics, like traffic, etc. No personal information is provided to us by Google.