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Expert Heat Pump Installation Will Transform Your Home Comfort

As a leading heat pump contractor in Toronto, our team is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and comfort of your home. Heat pumps are an excellent solution for year-round temperature control, offering both heating and air conditioning. Essentially, heat pump installation is a retrofitting a heat pump into a central air system. It involves the following main HVAC contractor steps:

Our process for installing a heat pump involves several key steps, ensuring that your heat pump system is perfectly tailored to your home's unique heating and cooling needs.

1. Assessing Your Existing HVAC System

Our first step is a comprehensive evaluation of your current HVAC setup. This crucial assessment allows us to understand your specific requirements and prepare for an efficient heat pump integration.

2. Heat Pump Sizing

Heat pump cost to install varies based on the unit  size and installation complexity. That's why we focus on accurate heat pump sizing, considering your home’s layout and heating requirements. This ensures optimal heat pump system performance and cost efficiency.

3. Ductwork Modifications

Retrofitting a heat pump often requires adjustments to existing ductwork. We meticulously modify your ducts to accommodate the new heat pump  system, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced air distribution.

4. Upgrading Electrical Lines

Since heat pump comprises additional components compared to traditional air conditioning units, we upgrade your electrical lines to support the new system, guaranteeing safety and efficiency.

5. Refrigerant Line Upgrade

Switching from cooling-only systems to a combined heating and air conditioning setup may require changes to the refrigerant lines. We assess and upgrade these lines as needed, ensuring they are appropriately sized and in top condition for your new heat pump.

6. Installation on Snow Stands or Brackets

In Toronto, it's essential to install heat pumps on snow stands or brackets. This elevation prevents snow and ice accumulation, maintaining the system's efficiency and longevity even during harsh winters.

Cost-Effective Heat Pump Installations

Whether you're looking to replace your AC with heat pump, install a new air source heat pump, or find out the cost of replacing a heat pump, our team of best heat pump installers is here to guide you. Our expertise in air source heat pump installation reduces the cost to install ducted heat pump, ensures that you get the most value for your investment into the new heat pump system.

Choose a Trusted Local Heat Pump Installer

As a top heat pump company Toronto, we pride ourselves on delivering the best heat pump companies' standards at competitive prices. Contact us to explore heat pump prices installed, and replace heat pump options, or for any other heat pump-related needs. Trust us to be your go-to local heat pump installers, offering unparalleled HVAC service and expertise in heat pump installation.

Lennox (ASHP) air source heat pump installation in mid-town Toronto
Lennox (ASHP) air source heat pump installation in mid-town Toronto

Lennox (ASHP) air source heat pump installation in mid-town Toronto

Lennox heat pump installation in the East Toronto
Lennox heat pump installation in the East Toronto

Lennox heat pump installation in the East Toronto. 

In every heat pump installation all four legs of the snow stand are anchored to the concrete foundation