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  • CONVENIENCE With a tankless water heater you get endless hot water on demand. The moment the tap is open, tankless water heater starts giving you hot water.

  • EFFICIENCY Natural gas tankless water heater efficiency is 96%. It brings hot water on demand. If you don't run hot water - no standby losses. Compare it to a regular water heater with losses of 50% when it runs and 100% standby losses. It keep water hot even when you leave for vacation

  • INSTANT HOT WATER Starts producing hot water in less that a second. Hence another name for on demand water heater - instant hot water system.

  • SPACE SAVER Tankless water heater is much smaller than a tank. But the main space gain comes from the flexibility. Tankless water heaters can be moved to another place in the house that otherwise is not used.

  • TIME SAVER Doing laundry, running the dishwasher and taking a shower at the same time becomes possible with tankless water heater.

  • LESS CHANCE OF FLOODING End of the life of tanks is usually when it bursts. Which results in a flood. Tankless water heaters don't burst.

  • SAFETY Your can keep hot water temperature down to 115F and still get 3 simultaneous showers. Nobody will ever get scolded.

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  • In our experience, Rinnai water heater is by far the most reliable on demand water heater on the market. That's why we call Rinnai the best tankless water heater.

  • High customer satisfaction. See Lowe's reviews

  • Rinnai is our main on demand water heater model

  • Made in Japan

  • Energy Star qualified

  • Heat exchanger warranty - 15 years: parts - 5 years

  • In Toronto conditions Rinnai provides enough hot water for 3 simultaneous showers

  • Dimensions 18.5 in. x 26.4 in. x 11.4 in

  • Specs and Energy Guide

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