Before Calling for AC Service or Repair


You don’t always need to call an HVAC company for your air conditioner service or repair. A few things to check, especially at the beginning of the cooling season:

  • Is the thermostat in the Cooling position? And the desired temperature setting should be below the current room temperature.
  • Is the furnace’s blower running. Is it circulating air in the house? If not, check the furnace’s power switch. We need the furnace’s blower running to deliver air conditioned air throughout the house.
  • Is the condenser (AC’s outdoor unit) running? If not, check the air conditioner breaker. It is located on the main electrical panel of the house. Reset the breaker just in case even if it does not look tripped.
  • Is the air filter filter clean? Dirty filters can cause poor air flow and even cause the air conditioner to freeze.
  • Any water on the floor around the furnace? There must be no water around the furnace at any time – heating or cooling. All water from the HVAC system must go from drain lines straight into the drain.
  • Is there any freezing on the ductwork on the air conditioning lines? There’s not much you can do about it but to call for the aircon servicing. Tell about all your checks to the air conditioning technician when arranging for the aircon servicing.

Do this basic HVAC inspection. It can save you on AC service cost. Chances are you won’t need a help from an HVAC technician at all.

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