whole-home Humidifiers


bypass Humidifier

A whole-home humidifier is installed on your furnace.  It adds moisture to the home’s air and works with the heating system to circulate humidity throughout the house . That means you can stay warm and cozy without the problems associated with dry air, such as skin irritations and sore throats. 

As whole-home systems installed on the furnace, they less intrusive and easier to maintain than portable humidifiers . 

More about this humidifier on Lennox site.

power humidifier

Power humidifier is installed on the ductwork above the furnace. It does not need a bypass as it uses warm air directly from above the furnace and returns it back there with added moisture. Power humidifier is capable of delivering more moisture into the house than a bypass humidifier.

.A built-in fan allows the unit to circulate humidified air, even when your heating system is not in operation. This helps keep relative humidity levels between 30% and 60%—the ideal range for optimal comfort and health, according to national studies.