tankless water heater

unlimited tankless hot water

Have you experienced the worst shower ever? You know, the shower where your body is completely lathered in soap, your hair is full of shampoo, you’re washing your face, and the water turns cold. Then you start playing the blind knob game where you’re adjusting the water temperature but can’t find a comfortable water temperature. This is no way to start or finish your day.

Are you considering replacing your old or faulty water heater? Are you looking for something more reliable and cost-effective? Have you considered a tankless water heater? Maybe you don’t know much about them, or how efficient and reliable they are.

What if you could have an endless supply of hot water on-demand and reduce your hot water costs by 20-30%? What if the lifespan was twice as long as a traditional heater and it eliminated the risk of leaking and water damage? Would that be a water heater you’d like to have in your home?

Yes? Great, tankless water heater installation is one of the things we do best.

Furnace Technician

When we install you new tankless water heater:

  • No cost surprises. Your new tankless water heater cost will be exactly as quoted.

      • Install done right the first time

      • Furnace installer will be Lennox factory trained

      • Our water heater technicians make sure that the tankless water heater functioning correctly before they leave.

      • Maximum Comfort

      • Tankless water heater will operate as promised