Amana Air Conditioner

Amana Air Conditioner

ASX16 This product meets ENERGY STAR requirements when appropriate coil components are used. The ASX16 Amana Air Conditioner features operating sound levels that are among the lowest in the air conditioning industry.

ASX14 With its 14 SEER rating, the Amana air conditioner ASX14 will help reduce energy use throughout the life of the system. Energy-efficient Scroll Compressor designed to provide years of reliable cooling comfort. It provides 14 SEER cooling performance for lower energy bills compared to lower efficiency units.

ASX13 This is a value air conditioner from Amana. ASX13 efficiency is up to 13 SEER. Considering that your existing air conditioner has efficiency 6-10 SEER, this affordable unit will give you reliable cooling at a lower electricity cost.

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Does the sweltering heat of summer tax your air conditioning system? Do you set your thermostat and your air conditioner seems to run all day but is unable to cool your house to your desired temperature? If so, it is time to think about getting a new air conditioner. Our complete line of Amana air conditioners is energy efficient, and when sized for your home, will keep your home cool and comfortable on the hottest days of the year.

George Foerstner founded the Amana Corporation in 1934 and manufactured walk-in coolers. In 1954, Amana began making air conditioners and became one of the leading air conditioner manufacturers. In 1997, Goodman Global purchased Amana and manufactures its Amana air conditioners. With its reliability, long warranties, and energy efficient air conditioners, Amana remains one of the top brands of air conditioners.

Amana offers one of the best warranty protection plans on the market. They offer a lifetime limited warranty on the compressor for the registered, original owner of a single-family home. Should your compressor ever fail, Amana will replace your air conditioner free of charge. In addition to this, Amana offers a 10-year warranty on all other parts.

Amana air conditioners are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States. The company is outside of Houston, Texas. Amana prides itself of producing some of the most energy efficient, reliable and high-quality air conditioners on the market.

Electricity powers the Amana air conditioning system. It works by drawing warm air out of the house and pushing cool air back into the house. During this cooling process, excess moisture gets removed from your house. High humidity levels will make your home feel warmer than it is. Additionally, your Amana air conditioner will draw dust and airborne particles out of your house and trap them in your air filter. Then, filtered air returns to your room via the ductwork.

Our Amana air conditioners are available in a variety of sizes and models, including:

  • The ASX16 Amana Air Conditioner

  • The ASX14 Amana Air Conditioner

  • The ASX13 Amana Air Conditioner

The ASX16 high efficiency air conditioner has a SEER rating of up to 16 SEER. The unit features a single speed condenser fan motor and a high efficiency scroll compressor. This air conditioner uses Copeland CoreSense Diagnostics to monitor the performance of your Amana air conditioner.

The unit has a sound reducing cover to minimize operational noise. High density foam along with a specially designed sound deafening top absorbs noise. In fact, you may not even know when your unit turns on or shuts off.

The ASX16 offers energy efficiency, quiet operation and a factory installed inline filter drier to ensure your home stays cool and comfortable on even the hottest days. This air conditioner comes in a variety of sizes to ensure you can find the perfectly sized capacity to maximize your energy savings.

The ASX14 Amana air conditioner is a high efficiency air conditioner that offers up to 15 SEER.

Amana takes indoor comfort seriously. Their air conditioners use the latest technology to ensure that your air conditioner will give you years of affordable cooling.

Amana uses CoreSense Diagnostics to monitor your system and alert you should any issue arise. The compressor works as a sensor. If it detects a problem, the unit will shut down to avoid damaging your compressor and leading to catastrophic and costly repairs.

The ASX14 air conditioner is energy efficient and will keep your home cool by removing the hot, humid air and replace it with cool, dehumidified air. Its energy efficiency, along with its acoustically engineered enhancements to reduce operational sound, sets this air conditioner apart from its competitors.

The Amana ASX13 air conditioner comes loaded with features to ensure you have reliable cooling at an affordable cost. The unit has a SEER rating of up to 14 SEER. When you consider your current air conditioner has an energy efficiency rating of 6 SEER to 10 SEER, you can see why switching out your air conditioning system can save you money.

This unit features a single speed condenser fan motor and an inline filter dryer to keep your air conditioner running for years to come. The unit uses a scroll compressor which will provide you years of reliable air conditioning and lower energy bills.

The unit is manufactured with heavy gauge galvanized steel with soundproofing design for a beautiful and quiet air conditioning system. The air conditioner uses environmentally-friendly refrigerant and premium copper tubing to provide outstanding heat transfer.

There are many reasons to choose one of our Amana air conditioners. Each Amana air conditioner offers:

  • The best warranty in the industry.

  • Quiet performance

  • Energy efficiency

  • Reliability

  • Durability

  • Made in the USA

  • Environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant

  • High efficiency scroll compressors

  • Copeland ComfortAlert Diagnostics system

  • Factory installed inline filter driers

If your air conditioner struggles to keep your house cool or if your energy bills are exorbitant, it is time to consider buying a new air conditioner. Amana’s air conditioners are some of the most reliable and best warranted air conditioners on the market.

Each Amana air conditioner gets designed and manufactured in the United States. They use latest technology to create an energy efficient air conditioner that you can depend on. Its lifetime compressor warranty and limited 10-year warranty on functioning parts means you’re covered should an issue arise.

Are you tired of trying to survive in a stuffy house? Does your air conditioner run 24/7 but doesn’t keep your home cool? Our Amana air conditioners provide you with quiet operation, energy efficiency, and reliable cooling. Do you think it is time to change out your air conditioning system? We do! We want you to be comfortable, protect the environment and save energy.

Contact us today to see how we can help you make the switch to an energy efficient air conditioning system. We will work with you to find the perfect air conditioner based on the size of your home and your budget. Experience the difference an energy efficient air conditioning system can make with one of our Amana air conditioners.