Furnace REPAIR


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About Furnace Repair

Furnace repair is an important part of our HVAC repair business. When heat not working in house, we take care of it. We are furnace company. When no heat from furnace is coming you need a skilled HVAC technician with years of experience.

We repair high efficiency gas furnaces. Today's gas furnace has multiple sensors and safety devices. It has 2-stage heating operations and controlled by an electronic thermostat. Only trained furnace technician can find out why heat not working in house.

Heating service can be done at any time, summer or winter. The best is not to wait for the furnace to break down and to schedule heating repair in advance, once you notice any signs of possible malfunctioning.

Furnace Repair by HVAC Technician

When we repair furnace:

  • No cost surprises. Furnace repair cost will be exactly as quoted.

      • Furnace repair done right the first time

      • Furnace technician will be factory trained

      • Our furnace technicians take their time to make sure that furnace serviced right and functioning correctly before they leave.

      • Maximum Comfort

      • Furnace will work as promised

      • We’ll check up the furnace to asure proper operations



No heat from furnace. You need emergency furnace repair. And every heating company is very busy. How to get furnace technician to repair furnace ASAP? You can help yourself.

Words Emergency Furnace Repair sound big. But the REPAIR itself may take only a few minutes. It's the travel through the street traffic between the jobs that takes up most of the time. That's why heating company would rather schedule service calls close to each other.

On the map, a tech is making his route from one scheduled (purple) heating service to another. His company wouldn't send him to a remote (red) location, but there is a good chance that they would provide emergency furnace repair at a closure (green) location.

So, this is what you can do. When requesting Emergency Furnace Repair, provide your main intersection. Just "I am in Etobicoke" doesn't help much. Etobicoke is 15 km top-to-bottom.

It would help, if you could also provide

  • furnace age

  • model or at least make

  • description of the problem; what the furnace doing or not doing

If your Emergency Furnace Repair is of safety nature (gas smell, overheating, etc.), call you gas utility first. They will come fast to make it safe - usually disconnect the unsafe unit.