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Furnace maintenance some people call it furnace cleaning or furnace tune up. All of the terms mean the same - a thorough furnace checkup and bring it to perfect shape for heating season. Taking care of the furnace before it breakes down adds years to its life and saves on expenses.

For older furnaces, even not that long ago, term "furnace cleaning" meant exactly that "furnace cleaning". Today's high efficiency furnace maintenance, in addition to basic furnace cleaning, includes checking operation of all safety devices in the furnace and things like carbon monoxide in products of combustion. So, terms like furnace tuneup and furnace checkup describe better furnace maintenance of a today's high efficiency furnace than just afurnace cleaning.

Every manufacturer recommends annual furnace maintenance on the yearly bases. Some furnace warranty polices can be even denied if a yearly furnace tune-uo was not provided. Yearly checkup prevents expensive furnace repair.

Thank you for choosing us for your furnace cleaning, tune up, maintenance. A fully licensed Cozy World Inc technician will inspect all the major components of the furnace and measure CO levels both in the furnace exhaust and inside your home.

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