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About Furnace Cleaning

Furnace maintenance, some people call it furnace cleaning or furnace tune up. Also, names used are check up, inspection and service. All of the terms mean the same - a thorough furnace check up and bring it to the perfect condition for heating season. Taking care of the furnace before it breaks down adds years to its life and saves on expenses.

Furnace Maintenance
This term stresses the proactive nature of today's furnace care. Furnace maintenance is a preventative furnace service. High efficiency gas furnace will run without trouble for years if it  gets a tune up once a year and a regular furnace filter cleaning or replacement . 

Furnace Tune Up
This term is definitely appeared with high efficiency gas furnace. There was nothing to tune up in an old  gas furnace, just do a furnace cleaning once in a while. Today's high efficiency gas furnace has multiple controls and safety elements that need to be checked, cleaned and adjusted if necessary. For a high efficiency gas furnace the term  furnace tune up is a synonym of the furnace maintenance term.

Furnace cleaning
That's what we used to do for old furnace maintenance - just a furnace cleaning and to check operations. Today's high efficiency gas furnaces need much more than dust off. Today, in addition to basic furnace cleaning, the heating technician checks operation of all safety devices in the furnace and things like carbon monoxide in products of combustion. That's why we do furnace maintenance to prepare the furnace for our long heating season.

Furnace Service
This is a general term that can mean anything from furnace maintenance, when a furnace still is in a working condition, to furnace repair when the furnace not heating and a part replacement may be required. 

Furnace inspection
Sometimes it does mean only to observe a gas furnace operations,  for example on the request of a potential house buyer. Most of the time though an annual furnace inspection request comes from a homeowner that wants to assure reliable furnace operation through the entire heating period. In this case a gas furnace inspection essentially becomes an  annual furnace maintenance.

Every manufacturer recommends annual furnace maintenance on the yearly bases. Some furnace warranty can be even denied if a yearly furnace tune-up was not provided. Yearly checkup prevents expensive furnace repair.

Thank you for choosing us for your furnace cleaning, tune up, maintenance. A fully licensed Cozy World Inc furnace technician will inspect all the major components of the furnace and measure CO levels  both in the furnace exhaust and inside your home.

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