Ductless Heat Pump


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Ductless heat pumps are aka  mini split heat pumps. Ductless heat pump allows us to deliver heated air to rooms with no ducts. Even houses with central air use ductless mini split heat pumps.  Most of ductless heat pump units we install in houses with already installed central air. Ductless heat pumps allow to bring heat to places with no or insufficient heating.


Spaces With No Ducts.
It could be either whole house or some parts of it, like the attic. or We can bring ductless heating to virtually any room of the house. Unlike ducted systems, you will be heating only the space you are currently using - wether it's an office, a bedroom or a family room. No wasted hydro.

Not Sufficient Heating
There are always some rooms in every house that don't get enough heat. Ductless heat pump is a perfect solution for those heat deprived spaces.

Multi Unit Ductless Heat Pump aka Multi Zone Ductless Heat Pump.
Cooling only parts of the house that we use at the moment.  It"s a great way to increase air conditioning efficiency and to save on electricity. For example,  cooling the home office at day time and air conditioning only bedrooms at night time. Multi unit ductless air conditioners, aka multi zone air conditioning, is a perfect solution for such places. 

Traditional Central Air System

Traditional Central Air System

Multi Zone Ductless System

Multi Zone Ductless System


What is the difference between Ductless Heat Pump and Mini Split Heat Pump?

There is no difference. These terms mean the same thing as far as residential HVAC is concerned. They just refer to different benefits from the same system. 

Ductless heat pump term means that these units don’t need a ductwork in the house to deliver heating or cooling to every room of the house. Like in houses with radiant or electric heat.

While mini split heat pump refers to the fact that this type of units are much smaller in size than traditional central air heat pumps. 

Life Expectancy

We, at Cozy World Inc, have installed multiple Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners and ductless heat pumps in the last 15 years. Never had a call back. Ductless air conditioners, when installed properly and maintained regularly, can have life expectancy 15-20 years. 

How many Ductless / Mini Split Heat Pumps do I need for my home?

Most likely one outdoor unit with several indoor units will suffice. This type of units are called multi zone heat pump, or multi zone mini split heat pump, or multi room heat pump.

How Loud are Ductless Heat Pumps?

Actually, ductless heat pumps are more quiet than traditional air conditioning units. The exact amount of DB varies from model to model. But with any ductless heat pump unit you can whisper talk next to the outdoor unit. Indoor units are quiet even by bedroom or library standards.

Are ductless heat pumps more energy efficient than central air heat pumps?

Yes, they are substantially more efficient than central air units for two main reasons.

How many indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit in a ductless heat pump system?

Up to four.

How do ductless heat pumps compare in cost to central air heat pumps?

Central air heat pump in its basic option is a rather primitive and inefficient machine. It could be cheaper than a mini split heat pump. If we compare units, ductless and central, of the same efficiency, the clear winner becomes mini split heat pump. If we add the cost of ducts to the cost of central air heat pump, ductless system is a winner by a huge margin. 

What are the advantages of ductless heat pumps?

What are the disadvantages of installing a ductless heat pump?

It’s really difficult to come up with any. You can find negative reviews on ductless heat pump. 

Can ductless air conditioners be used in multi-story homes?

Yes, we do install install ductless air conditioners in 2 and 3 storey houses. It might need some extra efforts, especially with multi zone units.