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To get financing HVAC equipment for your home is easy. HVAC loan is completely open, no prepayment penalties. Getting HVAC loan most of the time is done on the spot. Also, you can pay off the balance of your HVAC loan without penalty at any time.


Why FinanceIt:

  • They are the only HVAC loan provider recommended by Lennox

  • Their customer reviews on Google are quite impressive.

  • Fast and transparent process

  • Your private data is handled by FinanceIt. We don't collect it.

  • Pay off the loan at any time. No penalty.

  • Deferred No-Interest loans are available

  • HVAC financing up to $100,000

  • For HVAC financing under $15,000 you don't have to own the property

  • Find out if you pre-qualify in seconds. Won't affect your credit score.

The link on the right will send you to FinanceIt website to fill out an application. FinanceIt will know that you came from us. You can get a pre-approved loan within minutes. Once at FinanceIt site, you will see several loan options. The pre-approved loan will ONLY be valid with our company – Cozy World Inc. If you are planning to deal with another company, you need to apply for financing from their website. FinanceIt will send us an email regarding loan pre-approval to contact you. To Sum Up. Applying for furnace financing or air conditioner financing from this page is only worth your time if you are hiring us to do the job.

Don't let prices go up by another 30%!

Get HVAC Now! Start Paying in 2023!

Between September 12, 2022 and December 2, 2022 6-month deferral - 0%; 12 month deferral - 12%. Pay off at any time penalty free.

Apply Directly to FinanceIt for HVAC Financing

Find out if you are pre-qualify in seconds. It won't affect your credit score. Below is what the Application page will look like when you follow the link above.

HVAC Loan Application

From there FinanceIt will take you through a few simple steps. You will see a screen similar to one above. The actual look on the screen will depend on your device - desktop, tablet or the phone.

You can do the entire HVAC system purchase over the phone. For up to $15,000 financing you just fill out an online form and take your driver's licence pic. Usually $15,000 is more than enough to buy a decent furnace, an air conditioner and all other components of an HVAC system, like air purifier, humidifier, etc.