Amana furnaces

If you are looking for Amana furnace, you are at the right place. We are an Amana dealer and do carry Amana furnaces. They all are high efficiency forced air gas furnaces. There are three types of them having different set of features to satisfy different needs. Also, each line comes in different sizes to operate heating reliably and efficiently in every house and under every weather condition. We, as an Amana Dealer, will help you to choose the right furnace for your house heating needs and for the budget.

Amana Furnace

Amana Furnace



AMVC96 This is a 2-stage Amana furnace with variable speed DC (ECM) blower motor. It has efficient combustion - 96%, and efficient blower motor that will reduce the hydro bill. Read more

AMEC96 This is a 2-stage Amana furnace that has 96% efficiency of combustion. The blower is multi speed DC (ECM) motor. It's more efficient than your existing furnace in the use of gas and electricity. Read more

AMSS96 This Amana furnace has 96% combustion efficiency. It's blower motor is of AC type - same is the one that you are replacing. Read more

AMSS92 This entry level Amana furnace has 92% combustion efficiency and AC type blower motor. This furnace is most likely has similar specs as the furnace you are replacing. Read more

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