Air Conditioner REPAIR


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Air conditioner repair is a part of our HVAC repair services. AC servicing done by trained air conditioner technician. Servicing AC unit requires running it. Due to that, air conditioner service and repair mostly done at warm time of the year.


AC fix cost varies widely. Quite often, all it takes to fix central air is a regular maintenance. Other times, air conditioner fix involves parts replacement, mostly electrical.

Every aircon servicing begins with troubleshooting. Unless the problem is refrigerant leak somewhere in the HVAC system, by the end of the diagnostic air conditioning technician will be able to tell you what needs to be done to fix central air.

Even for similar parts, AC fix cost vary widely between manufacturers. Some manufacturers, like York, Luxaire, Trane, American Standard have left Canada. Their supply is done through 3rd parties with parts cost and availability never guaranteed.


Finding a refrigerant leak in the HVAC system is not a good news. Unlike parts, finding leaks is very laborious. After AC leak repair done in one part of the air conditioner, another leak may appear in another, or even in the same part. As AC unit grows older, likelihood of developing refrigerant leak ia greatly increasing.

It may take hours and hundreds of dollars only to find a leak. Hundreds more will cost to get AC leak fix completed. And it all might be in vane there are more leaks in the HVAC system.

That's why the best air conditioner leak fix might be just replacing the entire system.

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When we repair your air conditioner:

  • No cost surprises. Air conditioner repair cost will be exactly as quoted.

      • Air conditioner repair done right the first time

      • Air conditioner technician will be factory trained

      • Our air conditioner technician will make sure that air conditioner serviced right and functioning correctly before they leave.

      • Maximum Comfort

      • Air conditioner will work as promised

      • We’ll check up the air conditioner to asure proper operations